Montessori Teaching Internship in INDIA

Excellent opportunity to practice Montessori Method and Procedures with the guidance and leadership of a more experienced Montessori teachers. Through this shared practice and guidance, the intern gains experience and demonstrates increased competency as a Montessori teacher.

Highlights of Montessori Teaching Internship in India

  • Prepare and maintain a beautiful, develop mentally-appropriate classroom environment
  • Serve as a guide between the child and the prepared environment
  • Present Montessori materials and lessons to the children, demonstrating proper Montessori principles
  • Provide children with opportunities for choice, decision making, problem solving, independence, and responsibility
  • Plan and implement group activities
  • Effectively communicate with children and parents
  • Work as a team member with other Montessori teachers
  • Actively observe individual children, analyzing and documenting individual growth and learning, evaluating objectives and helping to prepare      professional reports
  • Attend and participate in parent-teacher conferences
  • Actively participate in self-evaluation and shared inquiry with the master teacher
  • Duration of the internship is 4 to 6 months
  • Free booklet on basic Montessori teaching method and procedures
  • Free accommodation, food, transportation, internet and other organized services
  • Free two day beach holiday upon arrival
  • Expert guidance and 24/7 support to internees
  • Experiences certificate after successful completion of the internship
  • Internship is open from June-to-March of every year (Academic year)
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